Workers World Today Endorses: Tish James, Jumaane Williams and Andrew Cuomo

Vote Tish James for Attorney General, Jumaane Williams for Lt. Governor, and Andrew Cuomo for Governor on Thursday, Sept 13, 2018!

Workers World Today Endorses: Tish James, Jumaane Williams and Andrew Cuomo

By Workers World Today Editorial Board

(BROOKLYN, NY) – We proudly and strongly endorse Letitia A. “Tish” James to be the next Attorney General for the State of New York.

A lawyer, an activist, and a politician in the Democratic Party, Ms. James is the Right Choice as Attorney General for Democrats. She is the current and fourth New York City Public Advocate and the first African-American woman to hold citywide office. Born on October 18, 1958, Brooklyn, NY, Ms. James earned her degrees from Lehman College, Columbia University and Howard University School of Law. She has been serving as the New York City Public Advocate since 2014.

On Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018, Tish made history in Hempstead, N.Y, when State Democrats officially endorsed her for State Attorney General along with Governor Andrew Cuomo, who also supported Ms. James, for a third term. Ms. James, a true Brooklynite who previously served on the City Council, earned more than 85% of the vote. Ms. Teachout won 5.5% and Ms. Eve 9.3%.

Ms. James repeatedly promised to “resist, sue and defend” and noted she is “walking softly in high heels but carrying a big law book.” Yes, and Tish can hire all the lawyers the State needs to challenge KKK Russian Trump, defend Civil Rights, advocate for Consumer Issues and fight against Corruption Statewide.

Workers of New York do not need “Liberal” publications telling us that Ms. Teachout would serve us better than Ms. James who has the intelligence and practical experience of 20 years as an advocate for all New Yorkers. We denounce the liberal media outlets such as the New York Times that follow traditional ways of endorsing less qualified candidates at the expense of well qualified Black candidates. These outlets are in the business of systematically discrediting Black candidates and intellectuals such as Ms. James, while promoting their own.

Ms. James’ record speaks for itself:

  • She’s a former public defender. She began her work as a criminal defense attorney where she represented countless number of young people in the criminal justice system because she believes that even when you’re at your lowest, you deserve someone to protect your rights.
  • She represented a lot of young people, who unfortunately were caught up in the criminal justice system which was very important to her. And she served as an Assistant Attorney General. So, she’s already worked in the office as part of a team in the civil rights era that investigated Stop and Frisk abuses of NYPD and came up with a number of recommendations.
  • She fought against predatory lenders who preyed upon black and brown people.
  • Tish also represented a young Rastafarian man who was working for a major company that basically said to cut his hair. There are so many more instances where Tish has stood up on behalf of New Yorkers in general.

Of significance is that Tish is not afraid of KKK Russian Trump. In a statement to Caribbean American Weekly, she said:

I would never be afraid to challenge Donald Trump particularly when our rights are under attack and there is so much at stake; our basic freedom and our democracy as well. They are of value. But it’s important to know, that we’ve been here before which is why we’ve got a track record of challenging the status quo and challenging the powers that be. We’ll take legal action against the hateful policies particularly against immigrants and particularly immigrants of color because let’s say it loud and clear. President Trump is racist and there’s no way to sugarcoat it. He’s a racist xenophobe, he’s a sexist and he is not fit for the office of the President. In fact, he defiled the highest office in this nation. So therefore he should be removed either by voting or impeachment because he unfortunately has put our country at great risk.

New York State, New York City, the forgotten working-class people, Main Street and Wall Street deserve real progressive leadership that Ms. James offers. She may not be the chosen one of the great “Liberal” Publications or the “Great WFP” or the Mayor’s wife – none of them can deter progress and prevent Ms. James from winning.

Just like Florida and Massachusetts, we hope to make a statement here in New York. Florida made a great Governor’s candidate choice in Mayor Andrew Gillum; in Massachusetts, Boston City Councilor Ayanna Pressley broke racial barriers and stunned the status quo by defeating the 10-term Democratic Rep. for Congress. We will do the same for the Attorney General of New York State.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has made the best decision in his political career by supporting Tish James, a real progressive; as a result, we are endorsing him. We do not believe that Cynthia Nixon, Johnny Come Lately, WFP candidate, can help our community. Great actress, but this is not the movies, this is our lives.

We urge the governor that, while he can take a free ride on Tish’s victory, he must show gratitude by paying attention to our workers and the undocumented, the ones who keep America great, every day. We are hopeful that the Governor will work to fund the NY State Dream Act, allow the undocumented to receive a driver’s license, give voting rights to Green Card holders in Municipal Elections and challenge the Trump Administration on its racist views of, and actions to, Blacks, Hispanics and the undocumented.

New York City Council Member Jumaane D. Williams (D-Brooklyn) is a candidate for Lieutenant Governor of New York State, running a progressive insurgent campaign to challenge the incumbent, Kathy Hochul, in the September 13th Democratic Primary. Williams has amassed tremendous grassroots support from progressive organizations and elected officials alike, and was most recently endorsed by The New York Amsterdam News, The Haitian Times, Caribbean American Weekly and many more. Jumaane Williams believes that the role should not simply be a rubber stamp for the Governor, but that it can be an independent check and the people’s champion in Albany. His vision is to serve as the People’s Lieutenant Governor.

Vote Tish James for Attorney General, Jumaane Williams for Lt. Governor, and Andrew Cuomo for Governor on Thursday, Sept 13, 2018!

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