What to Expect When Visiting Trinidad & Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago are one country but both islands have their unique attractions.

What to Expect When Visiting Trinidad & Tobago

In the southeast of the West Indies lies one of the most beautiful Caribbean islands of Trinidad and Tobago. Trinidad and Tobago is one country made up of two islands. Many tend to misunderstand the unity between the country of Trinidad and Tobago because of the separation between each island’s name. This separation of the islands names are a result of decades of colonizers taking rule over the many islands until it officially claimed independence from Britain in 1962. The island of Trinidad was originally a Spanish colony, which surrendered to the British army in 1797. Tobago was passed between colonizers more times than any other Caribbean island until their last colonizing country, Britain. Trinidad and Tobago became a republic, sovereign state, in 1976. The continuous colonization of the islands made Trinidad and Tobago the most cosmopolitan country in the Caribbean containing mainly the two races of Indian ans persons of African descent. The islands also contain a number of Portuguese descent, Chinese french creole, European, Syrians. All groups intermix to create great, beautiful diversity.

With the many races and ethnic groups in Trinidad and Tobago, tension between races may be expected. However, everyone gets along well and race issues tend to only come up through politics.  Some say politicians attempt to create tensions and divide people in order to appeal to their instability and get votes. Similar to the divisions between races the president tries to create in America. Many also question the safety in Trinidad and Tobago when researching the islands and assume there is a serious issue of crime. Although this is true, the issue of crime on the islands is not as bad as it may seem and should not turn you away from visiting and experiencing the culture and attractions.

Trinidad and Tobago are one country but both islands have their unique attractions. Trinidad is known for having the “greatest show on earth”, Carnival. Carnival hardly needs to be promoted because of the Caribbean diaspora which attracts thousands of people to the island yearly. The next carnival will be celebrated on Monday March 4th and Tuesday March 5th in 2019. Trinidad and Tobago’s Carnival is unique for many reasons, one of which is it lasts more than the two days it is scheduled for. Days leading up to the event, a number parties are thrown so there is never a dull moment for visitors who want to participate in carnival. The imagery of costumes and bands have reached impressive heights where one band can have up to three thousand masqueraders and musicians. There is no beating the colorful and artistic experiences you could have during Carnival.

Tobago, however, is known for its peaceful beaches and great attractions. There is no doubt Tobago is made for families who want to enjoy a nice quiet vacation. Trinidad is a very busy island that is mainly for party-goers, while Tobago is a vacation paradise with many tourist sites that contain the history of the island in many attractions. In order to get the full experience of the country, it is urged that you visit both Trinidad and Tobago and find out why it is two of the best islands in the Caribbean.

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