Transit Workers Demanding Recognition and Respect from Retailers

Transit Workers Demanding Recognition and Respect from Retailers

Costco Wholesale storefront. Costco Wholesale Corporation is largest membership-only warehouse club in US. -Portland, Oregon – Sep 8, 2018 (Shutterstock)

TWU Local 100 leadership and members demanded respect and recognition — from retailers like Shoprite, Costco and BJs — that have priority shopping programs for police, firefighters and medical personnel.

Now, TWU Local 100 members will get the same priority access as police, firefighters and medical personnel at Costco and Foodtown.

Costco corporate headquarters called Local 100 President Tony Utano this to say transit workers who show their Transit passes will be allowed to go to the front of any line to enter a Costco warehouse. The protest that Local 100 had called for Tuesday outside the Costco in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, is called off, Utano said.

“Transit workers deserve the same respect as the police, firefighters and medical workers,” Utano said. “We won this battle, but we will keep pushing other retailers to also give transit workers equal respect and treatment.”

Utano thanked MTA Chairman Pat Foye for his assistance in getting Costco executives to focus on the issue and make the policy change.

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams also heard those complaints. Adams has informed Local 100 Secretary-Treasurer Earl Phillips that he contacted Foodtown’s regional general manager on the issue. The manager agreed to give transit workers the same priority shopping status as “first responders.”

“I’m grateful to Borough President Eric Adams for standing up for transit workers,” Phillips said. “Foodtown must now inform employees working the front doors about this new policy as quickly as possible.”

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