Spotlight on Emerging Filmmaker Alicia K. Harris

Spotlight on Emerging Filmmaker Alicia K. Harris

By CineFAM

CineFAM is going to be spotlighting one black woman filmmaker a week during Black History Month 2020.

Today’s feature is on rising Toronto filmmaker Alicia K. Harris. Harris has proven herself to be a force, speaking out on the oppression of black bodies in both the press and through her films. You want to know about this filmmaker, she is on her way to making a real name for herself in Canadian cinema

Click the link below to read our short interview and watch her experimental short film about sexual violence ‘Maybe if it were a nice room’.

Praise for ‘Maybe if it were a nice room’

“The jarring juxtaposition of the stunning and peaceful set designs with the ugly mess of the real subject matter is incredibly haunting. Despite the subject matter, it’s a film that warrants multiple viewings, so each scene can be studied.” Kirsten Murray, Ms En Scene

“A darkly beautiful and unsettling work.”

Courtney Small, In The Seats

“Here the pairing of the images and the words hits home, hits hard. It’s a very short film, yet it packs a punch stronger than most feature films.” Emilie Black, Cinema Crazed



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