New Initiative Aims to Help Unemployed New Yorkers Learn to Code

New Initiative Aims to Help Unemployed New Yorkers Learn to Code

New York City: In response to growing unemployment numbers, Codecademy today announced a new initiative that aims to grant 100,000 unemployed or furloughed workers access to its premium online coding education resources. 

Amidst the current environment of economic uncertainty, Codecademy believes that learning technology skills can not only provide a welcome distraction v it can also empower people to gain control over their circumstances. As such, the company has committed to granting five Codecademy Pro memberships to workers that have been furloughed or laid off due to the COVID-19 pandemic for every person who joins Codecademy Pro.

The announcement comes on the heels of a recent initiative in which the company granted over 100,000 K-12 and college students around the world free access to Codecademy Pro. That initiative, which was launched in mid-March, far exceeded its initial goal of helping 10,000 students.

Codecademy CEO and Founder Zach Sims commented, “As recent unemployment numbers suggest, we are facing what may be the biggest economic disruption of our lifetime (to make no mention of the massive toll in human lives). All of us — especially those whose livelihoods have been disrupted v should consider how we can continue to adapt our skill sets to an uncertain economy. By partnering with our community, we are using education to grant new economic opportunities to any worker who is trying to reskill or upskill during this trying time.”   A quarantined factory worker from Mississippi named Alan M. received a complimentary Codecademy Pro membership as part of a trial program last month. He said: “Emotionally, it is a challenging time with the future of the factory uncertain at this time and the full economic implications of COVID-19 still unknown. My wife, who works in the restaurant business as a chef, also lost her job the day after I was asked to quarantine. Having access to Codecademy Pro is helping to give purpose to my days during this time of uncertainty.” 

“I try to make a little progress every day working through a module or two. I have always had a desire to learn more about coding and to expand my skills; having the time and access to Codeacademy is giving me hope that I can strengthen my coding skills,” said Alan M.

Those who subscribe to Codecademy Pro at will assist Codecademy in providing five memberships to affected workers. Affected workers will be able to apply for their Codecademy Pro scholarship beginning on April 23rd.

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