Medical Herbology in place of inadequate Medical Treatment

In a world of unnecessary vaccines and chemical abuse, inadequate medical care presently reigns supreme.

Medical Herbology in place of inadequate Medical Treatment

Finding Other Options When Modern Systematic Healthcare Fails

Do you know someone who has suffered from illnesses like diabetes, high blood pressure, digestive complications, allergies, or hypertension for five years or more? Do you know someone who has passed away from a medical condition even though they took all of the pills prescribed to them? If you answered YES to either of these questions, you should be made aware of Medical Herbology.

Holistic Health

Under the care of a medical herbalist, each patient is treated as an individual and not as a generic patient as in today’s medicine practices. A holistic health patient will receive a customized health plan tailored to their specific needs which includes recommended herbs and nutritional advice. 

Diaspora Connections

Many people from the Caribbean Islands, countries in Africa, and rural areas of America know to eat or drink certain herbs like ginger, hibiscus, or garlic when they or their loved ones are sick. Unfortunately though, they still rely on synthetic chemical based pills and debilitating procedures when suffering from a major condition. This may be due to the fact that structured plant based case studies are lacking from mainstream research databases. It may be due to the other fact that they rather trust a European based system that relies solely on man made medication. Such medication is created purely for profit. Unlike nature that has nothing to gain but everything to give.

Replacing a failed system

The current medical system is failing people everyday as medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the United States. It is first up to the patient to change their erroneous health habits that lead to the disease.  It is a holistic health practitioner’s duty to help them do this. However a medical doctor does not have this same requirements. According to Fasiq and Brooks law firm, doctors are only legally required to provide a very minimal standard of care. Hence why a patient would be prescribed a medication for high blood pressure that they are told they must take until they die but has side effects like diarrhea, vomiting and erection problems. These inadequate medical treatments can then lead to more illnesses like kidney disease and cancer. Aspects involved with replacing inadequate medical treatments with medical herbology include: reversing a diagnosed condition, access to healthcare,  pain management, and malpractice.


  1. REVERSING A DIAGNOSED CONDITION – The National Institute of Medical Treatments state that herbalists are able to treat ailments of fertility, pregnancy, immune system, allergies, digestion, stamina, emotional and hormonal health, childbirth, skin, nutrition, and joints and bones. Reversing these conditions begin with a strict diet, moderate exercise and specific correlating herbs. Other homeopathic remedies would follow. It may take 3 months to 2 years or more to truly be healthy but the course of action can not be deviated.
  2. ACCESS TO HEALTHCARE – For the past decade or so there has been a public outcry because of the abridgment of access to healthcare in the wake of a medical crisis. However even after gaining healthcare via insurance,  services may be sub-par. True access to healthcare means that the person is able to be brought back to health or maintain good health without any damaging side effects. This would include a list of recommended reading like ‘How to Eat to Live’ and non harmful foods which would exclude meat and dairy.
  3. PAIN MANAGEMENT – The United States of America is currently in an opiod addiction crisis which has been linked to conventional medical doctors over prescribing pain medication drugs. Thousands of people shy away from homeopathy because they assume no herb is strong enough to curb their pain impulses; whether the cause be an auto accident or attack wound. Be that as it may there are countless herbs like St. John’s Wort, Ginseng, Arnica, Devil’s Claw root and others that are used to dull pain. There are other methods of traditional medicine like acupuncture, meditation and kundalini yoga that can be used over time to numb pain. The real problem is that people are impatient and willing to take the quick fix of opioids regardless of the dangerous possible outcomes. 
  4. MALPRACTICE –  Medical doctors are not trained to cure diseases. They are not even skilled at helping a patient prevent a disease. They do know (in some cases) which medication to prescribe for a series of symptoms. Often medical doctors prescribe the wrong medication. For example a woman may come to a physician complaining of painful stomach cramps and the physician may simply offer an antacid as the remedy assuming it’s a digestion issue but the women actually suffers from endometriosis. Said physician was not adept enough to do further studies to find the root issue. In more serious cases such lackluster performance results in malpractice. A herbalists would first treat the pain, test the blood, examine the patient during her menses, and treat the case as a hormonal imbalance as a more proficient treatment. Medical errors, excluding hospital negligence, rank right below cancer and heart disease as leading causes of death in the United States. A person is less likely to die under the care of a certified holistic practitioner as long as they are following the suggested regiment strictly.

In a world of unnecessary vaccines and chemical abuse, inadequate medical care presently reigns supreme. Nevertheless quality is always more valuable than quantity in all aspects of the medical field. Success in medicine should not be measured by how many patients have been treated but instead by how many the practitioner has propitiously made well. To ensure quality, herbalists must obtain herbs from a provider that has certificates of authenticity according to the National Institute of Medical Treatments. Or the herbalists should be trained botanists that can obtain needed herbs from the earth themselves. Though attaining and maintaining a healthy mind and body requires more than just herbs, it is clear that nature has no harmful side effects  (unless consumed in excess). It is genuinely unfortunate that countless lives are lost everyday because they did not resort to herbal medicine.

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