Join fellow Teamsters for the MLK Memorial March

Join fellow Teamsters for the MLK Memorial March

The Teamsters have a proud history of fighting for racial justice — and now, in this tumultuous moment, we are proud to stand up for equality once again.

In the face of the on-going coronavirus pandemic and a mass reckoning around systemic racism, long-existing injustices against people of color have been laid bare. Black and Latinx people are more likely to be infected and to die from COVID-19. And Black lives have continuously been taken by those responsible for protecting them.

Throughout our union’s history, we have united to protect Americans who have been discriminated against and overlooked. During the 1963 March on Washington led by Martin Luther King, Jr., Teamsters proudly marched with 250,000 others. Time and time again, Teamsters have fought for the vision of racial and economic justice that King shared and pushed for.

That fight isn’t over. On the 57th anniversary of the original March on Washington, Teamsters are joining National Action Network, Martin Luther King, III, and families of those affected by social injustice to march again. Together, we will stand proudly to call for reforming police accountability, protecting voting rights, and mobilizing voters for the November elections.

Join your fellow Teamsters as we once again amplify the call for equality, justice, and dignity for all! Sign-up for the MLK Memorial March now.

We will convene from 8:30-10:00 a.m. at parking lot “C” on Ohio Drive SW near the Thomas Jefferson Memorial. Please park elsewhere and meet us at the lot. Hope to see you there as we uphold our legacy of fighting for justice. 

In Solidarity, 

Marcus King
Director, Human Rights & Diversity Commission of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters

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