Elizabeth Warren and AOC Refuse to Cross New Yorker Union’s Picket Line

Elizabeth Warren and AOC Refuse to Cross New Yorker Union’s Picket Line

Senator Bernie Sanders and Representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez speak about the importance of a Green New Deal at a town hall organized by the Sunrise Movement. – Washington, DC/USA- May 13, 2019 (Shutterstock)

Senator Elizabeth Warren and U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are standing in solidarity with The New Yorker Union. Represented by The NewsGuild of New York, New Yorker Union members plan to hold an informational picket on Monday night to spotlight unfair labor practices at The New Yorker and to demand a just-cause provision in their first collective bargaining agreement. The picket coincides with a New Yorker Festival event scheduled to feature Representative Ocasio-Cortez and Senator Warren. Both have agreed not to cross the picket line, and to withdraw their participation in The New Yorker Festival, until New Yorker management agrees to the “just cause” standard of discipline that union members have proposed.

The New Yorker is currently in the midst of a labor dispute as company management — led by editor David Remnick and Condé Nast CEO Roger Lynch — refuses to agree to just cause, a basic labor standard found in other Guild contracts that guarantees due process, promotes fairness and accountability, and creates consistent, transparent standards in the workplace. This is an especially crucial protection for workers at Condé Nast, which has recently faced a public reckoning over hostile work environments at multiple magazines and a failure to fairly compensate employees of color.

“The NewsGuild and The New Yorker Union are fighting for basic dignity on the job, and we stand with them,” Ms. Warren and Ms. Ocasio-Cortez said in a joint statement to The New York Times. “We will not cross the picket line and attend the festival unless the New Yorker leadership agrees to the union’s demands — they should do so immediately.” 

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