Crown Heights crossing guard brings smiles to community for 5 years

Crown Heights crossing guard brings smiles to community for 5 years

Photo: © Provided by 12 News Brooklyn


Neighbors in Crown Heights say their local crossing guard has had a positive impact on their community. Neighbors say Flora Wilson has been bringing smiles and joy to the intersection of Albany Avenue and Crown Street for years.

Wilson, who goes by Flo, says what makes her the best is her attitude. “How I approach the day by saying ‘good morning,’ ‘good afternoon,’ ‘hi awesome,’ ‘good morning princess.’ And it makes them happy, and it starts their day,” says Wilson.

She interacts with everyone crossing and has even gotten close to some of the neighbors making sure their children get to school on time.

“Flo is the best. Every day she rings my bell and says get out. And then every day I go with her and I start running and she says ‘hustle, hustle, hustle’ and I make it to the bus every single day on time,” says student Dina Weingarten.

Flo says there’s too much bad in the world and she wants to change that.

“A little bit of love goes a long way, and if you can make somebody else’s day happy why not?” says Wilson.

She’s brought that attitude to the corner for the past five years.

“All she has to do is cross the kids, make sure no one gets hurt, but she goes out of her way to give everybody a good morning,” says parent Rochel Weingarten.

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