Climate Jobs NY Update

Climate Jobs NY Update
Climate Jobs New York (CJNY) is a growing coalition of labor unions, including the NYC CLC, representing 2.6 million working men and women at the center of New York’s economy. We are united around a shared goal of combating climate change while reversing income inequality. CJNY’s mission is to advocate for a clean energy economy at the scale climate science demands, create good union jobs, and support more equitable communities and a more resilient New York.
We empower New Yorkers, especially workers, in the civic engagement process to advance a low-carbon, equitable economy through training, workshops, and education exchanges. We engage all sectors—elected officials, policymakers, businesses, and community—around pro-climate, pro-worker policies. Unlike most other labor-climate coalitions, CJNY includes building trades and energy sector unions that represent members who currently work in the fossil fuel sector, operating and maintaining coal, oil, gas, and nuclear plants that will be phased out as the transition to a sustainable, low-carbon economy accelerates. A key priority of CJNY is protecting and supporting impacted workers through the clean energy transition.
As New York State moves toward its renewable energy goals, there is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to ensure that the path to low-carbon future results in good jobs that provide family-sustaining wages and benefits for communities across the state.
Watch a video intro to CJNY here, scroll down to Upcoming Events for information about a November 16th Open House for Sunrise Wind, and keep watching this space for more CJNY news!

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