Christmas in the Caribbean

Pack your bags and head for an all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean

Christmas in the Caribbean

Instead of spending time and money to host relatives in your home where you don’t have enough room to accommodate them – pack your bags and head for an all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean.  Take the stress and pressure out of holiday planning.  Most quality, all-inclusive resorts have special holiday programs, holiday parties, festive meals, live shows, and unlimited activities suitable for the whole family.  Look for a resort that also has special deals for children to stay and eat free, as well as children’s programming.

Here are a few ideas of where you can go for Christmas:

  1. Grenada – Enjoy fabulous holiday traditions and Christmas masquerades, with masquerade bands. Dress in a brilliant costume and party in the street.  Enjoy wonderful music and dancing.
  2. Trinidad and Tobago – The annual Parang Festival celebrates the holiday season through song. Enjoy Christmas concerts, parties, and live bands.
  3. St. Kitts – Enjoy all types of celebrations, Christmas parties, and parades leading up to Christmas.  St. Kitts’ National Carnival kicks off the day after Christmas, with a traditional J’ouvert party and runs through New Year’s Day.  There are plenty of parties, performances, and musical competitions during this time.
  4. Bermuda– Head to Bermuda for the annual Christmas Boat Parade that cruises through Hamilton Harbor each year.  See boats adorned with Christmas lights and depicting various holiday characters. There’s a spectacular fireworks display to kick off the Christmas season in Bermuda.
  5. St.Croix– The Crucian Christmas Festival begins the first Saturday in December and extends to the first Saturday of the New Year.  Enjoy holiday festivities, music, and fun with family and friends all month long.

Choose not to be limited this Christmas season.  You don’t have to stay home if you don’t want to.  The family will love you even more when you suggest that they family spend Christmas in the Caribbean this holiday season.  If you need assistance planning your family’s holiday getaway, contact your Personal Travel Planner – Victoria Falk, the award-winning CEO of Passionate Travel Inc.

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