Chamber Coalition Held Multicultural Business EXPO 2019

The Chamber Coalition continues to deliver on its promise to create business-to-business relations to members with the intention to create a more profitable economy for all.

Chamber Coalition Held Multicultural Business EXPO 2019

BROOKLYN, NY (Workers World Today) — The New American Chamber of Commerce, together with the African American International Chamber of Commerce and Hispanic American International Chamber of Commerce, held its annual Multicultural Business Expo on Wednesday, June 19, 2019, at the Sheraton Hotel, Brooklyn, New York.

Welcome VIP Breakfast

The event commenced with a Welcome VIP Breakfast, which was well attended.  During this time the opening prayer was done by Pastor Gilford Monrose and the welcome remarks were given by Ms. Victoria Falk.  During her speech, Ms. Falk reiterated the importance of becoming a Chamber member. She informed the audience that being a member of a chamber opens networking opportunities for potential business relations. She also mentioned that events, such as the Expo, allow individuals to meet and get to know each other on a more professional level since people prefer doing business with someone they know and trust.

New Program – Side Hustle Business Boot Camp

The President of the Chamber Coalition, Ms. Pearl Phillip, introduced a new program the Chamber is embarking on: Side Hustle Business Boot Camp.  She mentioned that this will give people the opportunity to “scratch their heads and rub their bellies at the same time,” as Mr. Figeroux, founder of the Coalition, often says. This simply means that despite being employed full time, professionals can also capitalize on the opportunity to have an extra income by engaging in other meaningful side jobs.


 Mr. Brian Figeroux, the Chairman/CEO/Founder of the Chamber Coalition, spoke about the significance of having the Expo on June 19th. Juneteenth, which is also called Juneteenth Independence Day or Freedom Day, is an American holiday which honors the abolition of slavery in the U.S. state of Texas and the emancipation of enslaved African Americans throughout the former Confederate States of America. Mr. Figeroux also spoke on the importance of education, especially with regards to succeeding in the face of poverty and racial injustice. He stated that education is the only way to get out of poverty, and as such, one should never stop educating oneself. He went on to speak about his journey from an immigrant to that of a successful lawyer and businessman. He mentioned that the journey was not an easy one, but he understood that he must be steps ahead of his competitors by making lots of sacrifices in order to get to the top.  Mr. Figeroux also mentioned how important it is to be disciplined in whatever you do.

Mr. PK Kersey, Executive Director of That Suits You, spoke about the importance of dressing for success and why image matters.  He reiterated that successful businesspersons should always be smartly dressed to send the right messages.

To conclude the Welcome VIP Breakfast was the presentation of certificates to the Paralegal graduates.  Over seventeen students completed the Free Paralegal Certificate Program offered by the Chamber of Commerce.

Networking Luncheon

The Networking Luncheon opened doors to other presenters such as Karen Crawford, Public Relations Officer from WIDACA. She spoke about the upcoming Labor Day celebrations and ways people can capitalize on the opportunity to market their businesses at the event.

Mr. Glen Coston, National Expansion Leader for Oxzgen spoke about why people of color should get into the CBD business. According to him, getting into this business is a very lucrative one and people of color should take advantage of this opportunity.

The last presenter was Mr. Orin James, Branch Manager from HSBC bank. In his presentation, he spoke about ways in which people can obtain financial assistance and how customers can be connected to opportunities.

Overall, the Expo was a well-attended and organized one. A variety of businesses got the opportunity to showcase their products and services and engaged in meaningful networking with other businesses.

The Chamber Coalition continues to deliver on its promise to create business-to-business relations to members with the intention to create a more profitable economy for all.

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