Car Procession for Staten Island’s Essential & Excluded Workers

Car Procession for Staten Island’s Essential & Excluded Workers

FedEx worker Kelvin Nunez as essential worker seen delivering packages amid COVID-19 pandemic in Inwood neighborhood of Manhattan – New York, NY – April 16, 2020 (Shutterstock)

A car rally procession was held on Saturday, May 16, to thank all essential workers for their sacrifice, support workers who have been displaced during the COVID 19 crisis, and to call upon our City & State Officials, State authorities, as well as, private corporations to support a rational reopening of the economy with adequate social safety nets for ALL workers including; hazard pay and paid sick leave for those left out of the stimulus funds.

We are witnessing a moment that will be scrutinized for generations. Inequality building over many years has grown to now unseen levels due to the public health crisis. The COVID-19 crisis and the economic aftermath, including now historic 33.5 million individuals unemployed, calls for a renewed labor movement with demands for a safer and more democratic society. 

Therefore, it is important that the essential & excluded workforce, those who sacrificed the most, lead the way forward into our new reality. 

We thank all essential workers from our nurses, medical workers, and first responders, bus drivers and all transportation workers, warehouse and retail workers, construction workers and day laborers, call center and Telcom workers, our city administrative and enforcement workers, and our teachers and professionals. Workers who heroically risk the health of their families, to fulfill their responsibilities. ALL essential and excluded workers deserve to be recognized.

Essential workers have sacrificed the most when all else has failed. Now it is time for their voices to be heard. 

—Communications Workers of America Local 1102

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