Reports of Bullying Among TSA Workers Surface

The Office of Inspector General released a report, saying TSA needs to do a better job nationwide of hiring workers, training them, and keeping them.

Reports of Bullying Among TSA Workers Surface

Since a TSA worker jumped to his death in February, assertions of bullying among TSA workers at Orlando International Airport have surfaced. WESH 2 News talked with the TSA union leadership about what’s changed since that tragic day, and what TSA says it is doing in the wake of the incident.


“Robert Henry was a good guy, he was very quiet and didn’t talk to people much,” union president Deborah Hanna said.

A shy TSA worker’s life ended in a very public way after an apparent leap from one of the upper hotel floors at OIA.

“I think that finally the bullying, the intimidation, the retaliation has been brought into the limelight,” Hanna said.

Initially, the death by suicide was thought to be government shut-down related, but now, WESH 2 News is hearing Henry may have been bullied at work.

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