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A d/b/a of Workers World, Inc., located in downtown Brooklyn, New York.

About Us

The Workers World Today website is the digital extension of the print publication — a free publication that aims to empower all workers, regardless of their social or political affiliations. Our website covers local, national and international issues affecting all workers, blue collar or white collar.

Distributed throughout New York City, this community paper has a mission to educate New York workers how to organize a union, transition to business owner, or provide them with other relevant information pertinent to the workforce such as workers’ compensation, discrimination on the job, workers’ rights, and many more.

Our partners include the Hispanic American International Chamber of Commerce (HAICC), the African American International Chamber of Commerce (AAICC), and the New American Chamber of Commerce (NACC). Through these partnerships, we will empower all workers to realize their full potentials.

These are some of Our Print Columns: From Worker to Business Owner, Workers Compensation, Social Security Disability and Personal Injury, The Good Shop Steward, Workers Rights, Civil Rights, Social Justice, Family: The True Modern Relationship, Home Ownership and Real Estate Development, Retirement, This Day in Workers’ History, Leadership, Around the Globe, and Organizing a Union.

The publication is a d/b/a of Workers World, Inc., located in downtown Brooklyn, New York.

We believe that: 

The best leader is the hardest worker. Whether it’s business, politics, or unions, we can identify our leaders by their work ethic. Not all workers get the rewards they have earned or the recognition they deserve. Our publication features news, views and interviews empowering all workers with the recognition they deserve and rewards earned.



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