How Work Culture Is Undermining Our Humanity

Work culture certainly takes a priority where it is more significant to make a dollar than it is to help a person in need.

Perhaps you have come across the term “work culture,” an indelible feature of capitalism and one of which pivots itself in American society. Staying too true to the work culture may be causing a change in yourself you did not quite register yet in your mind. This past December 13, a rage- fueled act of […]

Worker Cooperatives: Keep the Full Fruits of Your Labor

In New York City, there are the New York City Network of Worker Cooperatives and the Green Worker Cooperatives, which is based in the South Bronx and focused on assisting communities of immigrants and people of color.

Worker Cooperatives: Keep the Full Fruits of Your Labor

BROOKLYN (Workers World Today) — When we work in a capitalist business, we produce more value than we receive in wages. It’s called exploitation. A rich class lives high off the hog on the labor of a working class. Under slavery, it was  slaveowners exploiting slaves. Under feudalism, it was the landowners exploiting serfs. Under capitalism, […]