San Francisco’s Housing Crisis and Construction Workers

"The surge in construction prices is coming at the worst possible time for booming cities like New York, Seattle and San Francisco, already dealing with an affordable-housing crunch that has increased the homeless populations and stoked acrimonious debates about growth and gentrification. City and state legislators have tried to tackle their housing problems with proposals to increase subsidized affordable housing, reduce building regulations and make it legal to build taller." - The New York Times

San Francisco’s Housing Crisis and Construction Workers

By Conor Dougherty The New York Times VALLEJO, Calif. — California is in the middle of an affordable-housing crisis that cities across the state are struggling to solve. Rick Holliday, a longtime Bay Area real estate developer, thinks one answer lies in an old shipyard in Vallejo, about 40 minutes northeast of San Francisco. Here, […]

Unlawful Workplace Violations: How Employers Violate The Laws

If you work as a home health care worker, office clerk, restaurant worker, child care worker, cook, driver, construction or as a cashier or clerk — WATCH OUT. Workers World TodayWorkers’ World Today is a free publication that empowers all workers, regardless of social or political affiliations. Distributed throughout New York City, our paper has […]

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